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Chapter Seven: Finding the Venus Crystal

A year later (April)

"Raye, look out for that vase!"
Serena grabbed the toddler as she looked down at the child who had been sitting on top of the vase as Amy pushed it. It has been a tough time looking after two toddlers especially one who was going through the terrible twos stages, and a five month old. She was grateful that she would at least have more time to prepare for the arrival of the next child.
"Who would like mommy to take them for ice cream if they behave while we are in at the bank?"
Amy giggled and raised her hand as she immediately ran over to Serena's side and stood by her.
Raye shook her head from Serena's arms and blew out her tongue. "Ma ma Me ball ed!"
"Now Raye we do not call names." Serena said sternly as she sat the child into the stroller and strapped her down.
Raye looked over at Lita who was sleeping soundly on the other side grabbed the stuffed horse doll and cuddled with it. "Mine!"
Amy grabbed the doll from Raye and placed it back on Lita's side of the stroller. "Bad Raye!"
Raye glared at Amy and took the doll again. "Mine!" she said stubbornly cuddling with the doll again.
"Bad!" Amy said taking the doll again. "Li Li's doll!"
"Mine!" Raye squealed and kicked her feet on the stroller. "Mine!"
Serena who was speaking with a bank manager turned to see why the two little girls were whining. "What's wrong?"
"Raye's mean!" Amy said holding up Lita's doll. "She take!"
"Mine!" Raye said stubbornly. "Mine ma ma me ball ed!"
Serena blew out a breath. "Raye you have a dolly, that one belongs to Lita." She smiled gently and showed Raye the stuffed crow doll.
Raye shook her head, threw the doll onto the floor, and began screaming loudly throwing a tantrum. "Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!"
"Raye stop throwing a tantrum," Serena said. "You can't always have your way with things!"
"Mine!" Raye began screaming louder.
Amy who was distressed by all the noise began to cover her ears and hid under Serena's chair. "Raye too loud."
Raye continued screaming from the stroller. "Mine!" her screams woke up Lita as the baby began to cry adding to the noise.
"Alright Raye you can have to doll." Serena handed Raye the horse doll as she picked up Lita to soothe her.
Raye giggled and hugged the doll in her arms as she yawned. "Mine!"
Serena turned back to the bank manager as she gave him a smile. "Can we reschedule?" she asked.
"If we must," The manager said. "How is Monday next week at noon?"
"Thank you." Serena said with a small smile as she got up from the chair and headed out the bank with her children.
Serena entered the arcade and she saw that it was busy as usual. She sat down in the nearby booth while Amy sat down next to her. She then unstrapped Raye from the stroller to allow the child to sit down next to her.
"Raye be a good girl and sit here." She told the child looking down at her.
Raye giggled and nodded her head as she tried to look over the table to see out the window.
"Hey there Sere," Keisha greeted walking over. "What can I get for you today?"
Serena smiled. "Ice Cream for the girls and I." she said.
Keisha nodded. "Alright be right back!" She said taking off to go get the ice cream.
"This isn't so bad." Serena smiled down at Amy who had laid her head on her lap as she looked over at Raye looking out the window. She was happy that it was all because of her that she was the one who made it possible for them to have a second chance.
Amy giggled and reached for the salt and pepper shakers sitting on the table. She began to shake the salt and pepper from them on the table.
"Amy we don't play with the salt and pepper shakers." Serena said taking the shakers from the small blue haired child.
Amy went quiet for a moment and proceeded to pull out the napkins from the nearby holder while giggling.
"Amy no," Serena said calmly, she turned and saw Raye was pouring out the salt onto the table and using her fingers to draw. "Raye we don't pour the salt out on the table."
"Mine! Mine!" Raye squealed loudly. "Mine!"
"I said no!" Serena said firmly glaring at her daughter. "You will not get your way, I don't care how loud you scream, now sit down, and behave!"
Raye took one look at her mother as she sat down and began playing with the forgotten napkins she had thrown out of the dispenser.
Serena placed a hand on her head, she was getting a headache from having to deal with her daughters all day, She was grateful they were well behaved at times but others they were pains. She blew out a sigh looking down at Lita who was sleeping quietly. At least one of them was taking an afternoon nap, but of course, in another hour she would have to wake Lita up and feed her.
"Mommy," Amy said tugging on Serena's shirtsleeve, and pouted. "Drink!" she said softly.
"You want some juice?" Serena asked, she reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a juice box, she put the straw in and handed it to Amy. "Don't make a mess ok?"
Amy giggled and started drinking her juice, she sat down happy and content with her treat.
"Uice mine?" Raye asked, she held up a box of juice and shook it for Serena to open for her. "Mine ma ma me ball ed?"
"Raye I'm…" Serena sighed and opened the juice. "I'm mommy not meatball head."
"Mine," Raye said giggling taking the juice, she sat down and started drinking it happily.
'Ok they're not such terrors when they're quiet,' Serena smiled softly and leaned back in her chair, she had many things on her mind, she would have to prepare for Mina's arrival soon, that is if the senshi of Venus decided to arrive. It had been at least few months since Lita's birth but it was even harder on her as she was not able to recover from the births of the other senshi, not that she was complaining.
Her power as sailor moon allowed her to have more energy so she was able to lose all of the weight from the babies but one thing remained and that was something she could not help.
"Ta da three orders of ice cream," Keisha smiled brightly and sat the dishes of ice cream onto the table, she went around the table to the other side and sat down. "I'm on a break for an hour so we can hang out."
"Are you sure that Andrew won't mind?" Serena asked raising an eyebrow. "He's been letting you get away with taking breaks."
"Of course, he knows that if he doesn't let me do as I please from time to time that he won't get any of this." Keisha said striking a pose and giggling. "At least not until he puts a ring on it."
Serena glared. "Don't say things like that in front of Amy and Raye," she hissed. "They're like parrots and will repeat everything anyone says."
"Oh that's right." Keisha said placing a hand over her mouth. "Oh! Did I tell you, I got invited to attend the fancy ball at the embassy this weekend, I was going to go but I don't know if I should considering that I rather spend my Saturday nights at a roller rink instead of a hoity toity ball but of course Andy wants me to go."
"I wish I could go but Darien and I probably won't be invited," Serena said. "And then it'd be hard to find a babysitter on short notice."
"Sere, I am so glad you said that," Keisha smiled brightly. "Andy has two extra tickets and you can ask Elizabeth to babysit, it'd be a good idea to let your hair down in a sense and we can go shopping for hot outfits to wear to the ball."
"Keisha," Serena began but fell silent when Lita began waking up, she quickly forgot her objections and leaned down picking up the little senshi. "It's alright Lita," she said with a soothing whisper. "Mommy's here."
Lita sniffled softly looking up at her mother before settling down again, her green eyes were happily looking around at the fan on the ceiling, she let out a soft coo and waved her hands clumsily.
"Aww, how cute," Keisha squealed, she giggled happily. "Oh Sere, you are such a natural, I am really impressed, to think that a few years ago you were a crybaby who had to be bailed out of a scrape and now you are a proud mother!"
"Keke, I don't think I…" Serena fell silent and looked down at Lita again smiling softly. "Ok, you're right I have matured a lot, but…"
"But what," Keisha raised an eyebrow in curiosity.
"I'm worried," Serena whispered. "I…I don't know if I'm strong enough."
"Eh, strong enough," Keisha asked she waved a hand dismissively. "Come on, you are Sailor Freaking Moon!  You have defeated so many damn youma and their leaders that I can count, so you are stronger than anyone I have ever met, give yourself more credit Sere."
"Keke…" Serena said softly, a smile played upon her lips as she nodded. "You're right, I shouldn't worry. I can handle anything; I have you and the others here to help me through anything that happens."
"Of course," Keisha winked and stood up. "Anyway think about what I asked and let me know your answer, I really hope you do choose to go to ball, it'd be majorly fun, and I wouldn't be so bored."
"Uh sure," Serena said softly, once Keisha left she smiled softly as she slipped into her thoughts of everything that she had been through in her life. The good times, the bad, and times when she cursed her destiny but looking back, she would not have changed anything for the world. She was proud to be Sailor Moon.
She felt a wetness of her leg as she looked down and saw that Raye had poured her juice on her skirt. "Raye!"
"Ma ma me ball ed!"  Raye giggled happily and continued pouring the juice on her mother's lap.
"Those senshi may take comfort in thinking I've given up on my conquest to be the queen of the Earth but that's where they are sadly mistaken…"
Smiling as she sat upon her throne in the center of what used to be an exhibit of the fairytale Cinderella, there were many streamers now hanging from the walls and that of balloons floating on the ceiling.  She stood up from the throne walking over to one of the many large bay windows, the sunlight cascaded off the glass, which would be blinding for some but for her it was something she seemed to despise.  Making note to destroy the irritating Sun the first chance she got.
Turning from the window, she made eye contact with the blonde young man wearing a grey uniform. She frowned taking a moment to gather her thoughts, she quickly questioned. "What progress have you made in securing our next part of our plan?"
"I've decided to lead these pathetic humans here," The man smiled holding up the flyer. "All of these humans are easily swayed at the promise of a primitive get together they call a ball."
"I see," the woman went quiet looking down at the stuffed dog in her hands. "What do you think Choppi? Should we go with his plan?" she nodded her head as if the dog was actually talking and smiled. "Alright, Choppi thinks it's a good idea so you may proceed with plan."
The man turned and left the room, he paused glancing over his shoulder at the woman behind him. Even though she was the new queen, he began to wonder if maybe she was mentally stable enough to be taken seriously.
"And then when we get inside, it's bath time," Serena paused outside the door adjusting Lita on her hip as Raye and Amy were happily playing a game of tag in the hallway.  Smiling she made note that she would have to prepare dinner that night and then help Alex with her homework. Entering the house carrying Lita, she stopped, stared in shock at the pink haired visitor sitting on the couch. "R...Rini! What are you doing here?"
Rini stood up and placed her hands on her hips. "One minute I was on the way home on the bus and then next minute I'm in the 21st century."
"Uh...well...It's not that I'm not happy to see you there something wrong in the future?" Serena asked she sat Lita down on the floor as the energetic baby began crawling across the floor to the pile of toys.
"No, it shouldn't be...but if this is Susan's way of playing a joke on me she has really lousy timing." Rini frowned, her smile faded and giggled. "I guess you have your hands full with the others huh?"
Serena nodded. "Yes, but…wait Rini how did you…?"
"The future's changed a lot," Rini, said waving a hand in dismissal, she looked down at Lita picking her up. "You are much nicer than you are when you are older."
Staring up at the pink haired girl Lita reached up grabbing her pigtail and pulling it.  
"Ah, no don't do that!" Rini wailed. "Ah, mama, help me!"
Serena giggled, and gently untangled Lita's hands from Rini's hair. "Lita be nice, you can't pull hair."
The baby giggled and poked Rini in the eye; reaching up and pulling her hair again. She was enjoying torturing the older senshi with every second that passed.
"Ah, stop it Lita!" Rini whined out she fell backwards onto the couch as the baby giggled gleefully pulling her hair.
"Ma ma me ball ed!" Raye called out as she ran into the apartment, she caught sight of Rini and giggled. "Nady!"
Amy followed her sister and curiously climbed up on the couch grabbing Rini's pigtail as though it was the most fascinating thing in the world. "Pink?"
"They have taken a liking to you." Serena noted smiling brightly.
Rini glared at her future mother as she managed to pry Raye and Amy's hands from her hair as Lita had finally stopped poking her. "They're cute…in that irritating kind of way."
"Well you will learn to love them." Serena said smiling. "So spore, I take it you don't like having sisters?"
"It's not that…" Rini mumbled. "They're fun but…I don't like having six of them ordering me around."
Serena nodded. "It'll be alright, sisters always do that remember how I used to order Sammy around?" When Rini nodded, she smiled softly and looked at the three younger senshi who had stopped their terrorizing and were now sitting quietly.  "You get to order them around since you are here."
"That's right," Rini's eye went wide taking on that of a devilish look, she smiled happily at the prospect of being the one giving orders. "I am the bigger sister!"
"But don't over do it," Standing up Serena walked to the kitchen, she looked behind her a moment happy that the future hadn't changed much to prevent Rini from being born.
"Were home!" called out Michelle she held a rolled up sheet of paper in her arms. "Aunty Serena, I need your help with drawing the animals; our class is doing a project about the rainforest!"
"Michi you know that Aunt Sere can't help you with that, she's going to help me with my science project." Alex said rolling her eyes.
"That's not fair!" Michelle teared up and began sniffling. "I want her to help me with my project!"
"You can't hog her all to yourself," Alex mumbled, she looked at Susan. "Tell her Susan that she's being selfish, hey are you listening?"
Susan didn't say a word and shakily pointed to the couch where Rini was sitting with the baby Inner Senshi. "Aunt Serenity is different…"
Michelle and Alex looked in the direction of where Susan was pointing and stared.
"Aunt Sere's tuned into a teenager!" Alex cried. "And she dyed her hair pink!"
"What are we going to do?!" Michelle said sniffling. "Uncle Darien will be sad when he comes home and finds Aunty Serena is younger and with pink hair!"
"Welcome home girls," Serena said poking her head out the kitchen; go introduce yourselves to your cousin Rini."
"Cousin Rini?" Alex said tiling her head to the side. "Since when do we have a cousin?"
"It's rude to ask that," Susan said she took Michelle's hand and led her over to where Rini was sitting. She smiled softly and said. "Hello, I'm Susan and this is my sister Michelle."
Michelle pulled her hand away from Susan smiling. "But everyone calls me Michi, are you going to visit us for a while?"
Rini nodded. "Yes, I'm going to be visiting for a long time, I hope we get along while we are here."
"You look girly," Alex said immediately. "I don't like girly so you have to play with Michi and Susan only, I don't do tea parties or dress up pinky."
Feeling her eye twitching Rini glared at the little senshi of Uranus and said through gritted teeth. "You little…I'll have you know it's rude to speak to someone older like that."
"Says who you?" Alex spat, she flipped her hair over her shoulder and walked to her room. "Stay out of my way pinky!"
"You little spore!" Rini shouted she stood up and glared after the blonde child. "Where does she get that attitude from?"
"Don't be mad at her," Susan said shaking her head. "Alex is naturally rude by nature."
"But she's really nice," Michelle said giggling; she sat down next to Rini as she reached up and touched her hair. "Your hair is pink like Cotton candy, I really like it."
Rini smiled gently at Michelle, she was grateful the senshi of Neptune was sweet. She picked her up and hugged her. "You are just so cute! I want you to stay small cute!"
"But I have to grow," Michelle said with a pout. "I wanna be a princess and I can't stay small forever."
Susan sat down but continued to stare at Rini intently, she couldn't put her finger on it, but something about the pink haired teen reminded her a lot of someone she had met before. However, it was impossible, as she had no other memories except those after the age of four years old. She shrugged it off and continued staring at her.
"Susan what's wrong?" Rini asked curiously.
"You look familiar that's all," Susan, answered. "Are you sure you're our cousin? I don't remember seeing any pictures of you here."
"I'm your cousin," Rini answered, she felt sweat begin to form on her forehead as her thoughts were focused on realizing that the Senshi of Pluto was smart. She smiled softly adding. "I'm Serena's younger cousin so that makes me your second cousin I think."
"I see…" Susan stood up and grabbed her school bag. "Please excuse me I have to do my homework."
"Susie don't leave!" Michelle whined she let Rini's hair go and rushed over to her sister. "You have to stay and play dolls with me like you promised."
"After homework," Susan stated. "Michi, why don't you stay here and play with Rini?"
Michelle went silent and looked at Rini. "Will you play dolls with me?"
Rini nodded. "Alright," She said, taking Michelle's hand and let the senshi of Neptune lead her to the corner of the room where the dolls were.
"Mine!" Raye shouted she got off the couch and rushed after them. "Mine! Dollies mine!"
Amy stared after them as she got off the couch and tried picking up Lita who was happily sitting on the floor playing with the blocks. She began dragging her with her. "Li Li play too!"
Walking out the kitchen Serena noticed that Rini was playing with Michelle, she was grateful that she had come back from the future as it'd be helpful to the others to have another senshi helping them fight but she began to wonder if anything had happened in the future to make her come back. It worried her that maybe the events had changed the future that there were new enemies attacking or that something may have happened to make Rini want to leave.
Sighing she leaned against the wall trying to think of what could have happened.  Not only that but she did want to know which of the senshi were going to be reborn next, she was not so sure it was Mina or not.
"Ma Ma me ball ed," Raye said she tugged on Serena's skirt and looked up at her mother holding a doll.
"Yes Raye?" Serena asked smiling.
"Up!" Raye held up her arms wanting to be picked up. "Up?"
"You want me to pick you up?" Serena asked, she picked up Raye. "There we go."
Raye smiled happily and cuddled Serena, she looked over at Amy who was glaring at her with her arms crossed. "Mine, ma ma me ball ed mine!"
"My mommy," Amy said she walked over and grabbed Serena's leg, she glared up at Raye. "My mommy!"
"No mine!" Raye snapped.
Serena looked down at Amy and picked her up as she smiled. "There you two have to share me."
"No," Raye said stubbornly. "Mine!"
"My mommy!" Amy said glaring.
Both of the young senshi began bickering with one another yelling out which of them that Serena belonged to.
"Ok you two stop this fighting," Serena ordered she sat them down and then knelt in front of them. "Listen, I'm both of your mommy but I am also Lita's mommy too so you have to share, I don't want you two fighting like that again understand?"
The door opened and Darien walked in calling out. "I'm home!"
Amy and Raye looked at one another before taking off towards the entry hallway as they both called out in unison. "Daddy mine!"
"That didn't work…"
"You want me to babysit?" Rini questioned with a raised eyebrow, she looked at her future parents who had explained about the ball they were going to attend. "I don't know about that…"
"Come on Rini, you'd be doing us a favor and you'll be able to get to know your sisters when they're younger." Serena pointed out.
"I don't know…I'd have to babysit the Outers too, I don't mind taking care of Susan and Michelle but Alex is another story." Rini sent a glare in the direction of the Senshi of Uranus who sent one back.
"Rini, don't worry about it," Darien said gently. "They're well behaved and if Alex gives you any problems just call us and we'll deal with it."
Rini went silent again and began thinking about it. She would get to take care of her sisters and cousins but at the same time have the power to order them around at least until her parents came back home. With a nod, she decided to finally agree to it. "Alright, but can I have a friend come to visit?"
"Sure," Serena said cheerfully. "We don't mind if you have a visitor, we trust you."
"Thank you!" Rini said brightly she giggled knowing just the person she would ask to come over and help her babysit.
"We'll be home before midnight, and make sure that the girls are in bed before nine."
"Aunt Serenity," Susan said with an indignant look on her face. "I thought I got to stay up later that Michelle and Alex."
"Right, Susan is to be in bed by ten," Serena said.
"Alright," Nodding Rini made note and looked over at the children who were staring at her curiously.
"Don't worry they won't be a handful to look after," Darien said. "You can handle them right Rini?"
"Yes I can," Rini said with a confidence in her voice, on the inside however she was worried what kind of night she was in for.
"Ok, I want all of you to do as Rini tell you and I don't want to hear a bad report from her understand?" Serena asked.
"Yes ma'am."
"Can't I go with you Aunty?" Michelle asked with a pout. "I wanna go to the ball and be like Cinderella."
"I wish you could Michi but it's for grown ups only." Serena said gently. "You'll have fun with Rini I promise."
"This is boring,"
Keisha sighed as she leaned against the wall in the ballroom; she looked over at Serena who was happily taking in the sights and sounds of the ball. "Sere, tell me again why I suggested that we attend this ball?"
Serena giggled and looked around again. "Because you said we needed to let our hair down and take a break from worrying about youma fights."
"Oh yeah…" Keisha sighed rolling her eyes; she leaned against the wall again frowning. "I can't believe Darien and Andrew are enjoying this boring function!" she glanced to her right seeing both of their dates chatting with a few other men.  "I find this party suspicious though, why would an abandoned theme park have a ball when it's been closed for years."
"It could be an elaborate publicity stunt," Serena said smiling. "They might be planning to reopen the park which is why they invited so many people."
"Hmm I doubt that," Keisha rolled her eyes and headed towards the door. "I'm going outside for some air."
"Alright," Serena smiled and walked over to a nearby table to get a piece of the cake that was being served.
"I can't believe this…a party like this is really boring." Keisha stepped out into the hallway as she leaned against the door. "Damn…I should've suggested going to a movie instead of here."
Keisha snapped out of her musings as Artemis ran over to her. He leapt up onto hr shoulder. "Artemis what's wrong?"
"Keisha, I sensed something was happening here and I was right," Artemis said. "Luna already went to go investigate."
"Alright this party has gotten interesting," Keisha said with a smile. "I'll go grab Sere and Dare then we'll investigate."
"It's better to investigate now and contact them on the communicator," Artemis said.
"Yeah, why ruin their fun," Keisha smiled taking off down the hallway.
"What do you know Choppi; we have enough energy from those foolish humans at that party to allow my chances at becoming the queen of Earth a reality!" Smiling as she walked through the pile of bodies lying on the floor Mio looked at the monitors at the party guests having a good time. She blinked a few times catching sight of a meatball headed party guest at one of the tables.
"What do you know…I attracted Sailor Moon…?" She smiled evilly and turned to one of her servants. "Go after that brat, bring her to me, and don't hesitate to kill anyone who tries to stop you."
"Yes ma'am."
Nearby inside one of the air ducts Luna had heard everything that Mio had said. She had to warn the other senshi. She turned to leave but heard the door down below open. She blinked in surprise when she saw Keisha standing in the doorway; she hadn't expected any of the senshi to be at the party. 'Way to go girls I knew you'd know something is suspicious!'
"Stop what you are doing right this instant!"  Keisha glared at Mio; she placed a hand on her hip. "You're not going after my friend."
"Oh dear a Sailor senshi," Mio said placing her hands to her face in mock fear, she gave a smile and snapped her fingers as more of her drones appeared surrounding Keisha.
"Alright, I didn't want to do this but…" Keisha held out her wrist as the jewelry star bracelet transformed into a larger state. "You're going down you fashion reject, Sun Melody Power…" her nails changed to a light blue color. "Make-Up!" she waved a hand over head changing her hair from the updo style to a straightened state, a ribbon of music notes appeared around her body as her leotard and sailor collar with the yellow ribbon. Her skirt and shoes appeared on her feet as her gloves and tiara all appeared in place. She grabbed a hold of one of the music note ribbons and used it as it tied around her ponytail. She landed in her final pose.
"How dare you try to interrupt a party in which people have come to enjoy, I won't let you get away with it! Senshi of Melody, Sailor Sun! In the name of guardian star I shall punish you!"
"Ooh I'd better leave!" Mio said snapping her fingers. "Drones take care of this party crasher; I'll go deal with Sailor Moon."
The drones began laughing as they rushed towards Sailor Sun while attacking her.
"What the hell is this pick on the senshi day?" Keisha said kicking one the drones away from her as she spun around and saw another attacking her, she quickly slid under its legs and kicked them in the back. She let out a silent curse at the task of being out numbered but she had no choice but to fight.
"Damn it…why didn't I get a long range attack?" Keisha said she tripped on the heel of her shoe and she tumbled to the floor. "Damn it, what am I going to do now!?"
The drone smirked evilly and inched closer to the senshi with its hand outstretched. It began laughing evilly. "Time for senshi sushi,"
"Star Gentle Uterus!"
"Star Sensitive Inferno!"
The drone was knocked back from Sailor Sun as Sailor Starfighter grabbed her out of harm's way.
"Nice going, I saved your ass this time." Seiya said with a smirk.
"This does not mean I am going to say thank you!" Keisha snapped glaring. "Put me down!"
"If you insist," Seiya said dropping her hard onto the marble floor.
"I'll kick your ass for that later captain leather fetish," Keisha stood up rubbing her backside; she made a mental note to figure out a way to add armor to her uniform. "Alright, Sailor StarHealer and StarMaker attack from the right, Sailor StarFighter attack from the left, and I'll take these drones out in the center!"
"Don't order my team around!" Seiya shouted glaring at her, though on the inside she knew it was a good plan. "Starlights proceed as the pixie ordered."
"Star Sensitive Inferno!"
"Star Serious Laser!"
"Star Gentle Uterus!"
"Rainbow Melody Prism!"
The combined attacks from the four senshi joined in a brilliant light powered by their teamwork as the drones turned to dust.
"Let's move it!" Keisha ordered taking off towards the door. "We gotta protect Sere!"
"Wait a minute pixie, we just left her." Seiya said. "She's safe."
"That was before that whacked out bitch Mio disappeared leaving me to fight her drones." Keisha said taking off ahead of them.
"Pixie you can't go off on your own!" Seiya shouted in anger chasing her. "I don't wanna have to save your ass again!"
Serena was getting worried, it had been at least an hour since Keisha had gone outside, she began wondering if the younger girl was all right, it was not like her to up and leave without saying anything. Seiya and the other three lights had gone to look for Keisha and they still had not came back either. Shaking her head, she began walking towards the door.
"Going somewhere Sailor Moon?" Mio smiled evilly appearing in front of the door holding her scepter and a stuffed dog. "I see you couldn't resist my party, after all you can't resist the chance of dressing up as a princess."
"Who are you?" Serena questioned narrowing her eyes.
"You still don't remember me?" Mio's face took on that of mock disappointment mixed with fury. "How dare you pretend not to remember fighting me!"
Serena blinked a few times trying to remember this strange woman in front of her. She really had not fought anyone like her but for some reason the aura around her seemed very familiar yet making her feel as though she'd be swallowed up whole by the evil aura.
"Damn it I have no time for these damn games!" Mio shouted in fury she glared at Serena reaching out and grabbing her by the front of her dress shaking her. "You will die at my hands and I'll enjoy tasting your blood!"
Darien rushed over to where Mio was holding her as he pulled out his rose transforming into Tuxedo Mask.  He pulled out a rose and threw it at Mio hitting her right in the hand.
"Damn cape boy…" Mio said throwing a strong force of energy that threw Darien back into a row of tables.
"Now where were we?"
"Moon Tiara Action!"
Mio screamed out in pain as a golden discus sliced her arm open, she winced in pain and glared at the silhouetted figure in the large window.
"Leave my mama alone, I won't let you kill her to change our destinies,"
"Who are you?!"
"I am Sailor Crystal Moon, the Sailor Senshi of the future! In the name of Crystal Tokyo I will punish you!"
"Rini, what are you doing here?" Serena asked in surprise. "I thought you were babysitting."
"I left everyone with Helios," Rini said winking. "He told me to go help you and dad so that's why I am here."
"While I'm not sure I approve of your choice I guess you would've come regardless." Serena said.
"Mama get as far away from here as possible to transform, I'll hold off Mio until the other senshi get here." Rini held out her hand as the crescent moon wand appeared in her left hand. "Moon Twilight Flash!"
Mio screamed out in pain as she was blinded by the silvery pink light, she shakily held out a hand to attack again.
"Solar Boomerang!"
"Star Serious Laser!"
"Hey Mio we have some unfinished business you bitch," Keisha shouted heel kicking Mio. "That's for attacking our princess."
"Perfect right where I want you…" Mio said smirking as she disappeared from under the heel of Sailor Sun's shoe.
"She ran away again…" Keisha noted shaking her head.
"I'd never run away from a fight," Mio smiled and snapped her fingers as the whole ballroom began rumbling, and the floors began cracking. Row upon rows of vines appeared from the cracks wrapping themselves around the senshi.
"What in the…" Keisha let out a loud scream as the vines tightened around her body. "Damn it…"
"She tricked us, way to go pixie your heel drop didn't work!" Seiya shouted as the vines tightened more.
"Now is not the time to place blame!" Yaten said dropping the star yell onto the floor once the vines tightened again.
"Got a plan for this Taiki?" Rini asked the vines began squeezing her tighter, she bit back a scream.
"There is only one thing we can do." Taiki said wincing in pain.
"What's that?"
Serena snapped her head up at the sound of her friends screaming, she looked towards the doorway. "I have to get out there and help them," she said to herself, she looked down at Tuxedo Mask who was unconscious from being thrown into the tables and placed a kiss on his forehead. "Don't worry my love; I'll make sure that Mio pays for what she's done." She pulled out the eternal moon article and held it up. "Moon Eternal Power, Make-Up!"
Transforming into Sailor Moon she walked out onto the battlefield and caught sight of her friends wrapped in vines that was slowly crushing their bodies. She glared summoning the Eternal Moon tiare. "Mio come out here!" She shouted in anger.  "Come and fight me you coward!"
Mio appeared above her with a smug smile on her face. She landed gracefully on the floor in front of Serena. She placed a hand on her hip stepping forward while holding her scepter in the other. "So you decided to show up instead of letting your friends suffer for your digressions."
"Shut up and tell me what you want." Serena demanded she grasped her wand tightly ready to attack just in case.
"Ooh did I piss you off?" Mio cooed. "Poor little moon girl knows how it feels to be angered, what are you going to do? Bash me in the head with that little wand?"
"I'm warning you tell me what your plans are!" Serena said. "I won't hesitate to destroy you but I'll spare your life and heal you if you tell me what you are after."
"Simple, I want to be Queen of the Earth," Mio said. "You don't deserve to even hold the title in the future, nor do you deserve my beloved prince of Earth."
"Your demands are denied," Serena said charging up the Eternal Moon tiare. "Starlight Honeymoon therapy…."
"This tired old trick?"
A set of vines wrapped themselves around Serena in mid attack sending the eternal moon tiare clattering to the floor and landing at Mio's feet.
"How cute you dropped your toy," Mio picked up the wand and studied it a moment. "So you get the source of power from this huh? In that case if you can't play nice then you deserve to have it." She cracked the weapon in half.
"Oh yes Sailor Moon, there is no one to help you now, you're useless and shall suffer a painful death!" Mio began laughing bring her hands together as the vines began tightening on all of the senshi causing them to scream in pain. "That's right scream! Feed my pleasure!"
'Someone help us!'
"Terra Edged Strike!"
A shining brown light sliced through the vines freeing the senshi as they fell to the floor moaning in pain.
Mio frowned. "Damn it…it's her…I should leave." She began disappearing. "We'll play again soon Sailor brats!"
"Who…" Serena looked up weakly catching sight of a Sailor Senshi standing in the window silhouetted by the moon. The girl's hair and ribbon blew in the wind as she turned and left.
"Was that Mina?"
Serena glanced around the castle, she looked around trying to figure out what she was doing inside of such a magnificent yet quiet place. She made her way down the hallways as her footsteps quietly echoed through the hallways. She noticed many pictures of Mina hanging on the walls. She did not know what was going on but soon figured it out, she was inside the Magellan Castle that floated above the planet Venus.
"Why am I here…Mina has been reborn already?" She said quietly entering the throne room.
"Welcome Princess Serenity," a woman with blonde hair done in multiple curls in a ponytail, she had the same playful aura and blue eyes that Mina had. "I am so glad the time has come for my daughter's rebirth to begin."
"Queen Allana, It seems that Mina has already been reborn," Serena said quietly. "She saved us when we were fighting Mio."
"I'm afraid that wasn't my daughter," Allana said walking over to the large portrait. "Had she been reborn her crystal wouldn't be calling out to be allowed a chance at rebirth."
"Then who was that senshi that saved us?" Serena questioned. "Was she an enemy?"
"No, I'm afraid I cannot tell you anymore," Allana said. "My time grows short, please Serenity make sure you protect and love my daughter as you have the other senshi."
She began fading away.
"Wait Queen Allana!" Serena called out, she was now alone again, she glanced at the large portrait of Mina hanging on the wall. "If it wasn't you who saved us Mina…it may have been your spirit that protected us…thank you."
As soon as she left the Magellan Castle she began her search. There was no sign of the crystal of Venus anywhere, the only clue she had was the crystal was somewhere near the waters of Venus.
"Where is it?" Serena sighed beginning to give up hope.
"Serena please find me…"
The voice of Mina drifted through the air as Serena glanced in front of her and walked towards the shore of the large sea that was emitting a golden hue from the bright sunlight.  "Where is it…Mina please guide me to your crystal."
A small scallop shell washed up on shore, looking down at it, picking it up, and opening it carefully a soft orange light began glowing revealing the Crystal of Venus sitting inside.
"I found it…" Serena smiled holding the crystal closely a smile appeared on her face as she closed her eyes and tears rolled down her cheek. "Thank goodness." She began fading away.
"Thank you for finding me Serena…"

End Chapter

Next Chapter Revelations
A repost of Sailor Senshi Rebirth. I added a few things to the story which wasn't present in the previous fic while I did elaborate more on a few things that had questions about what happened.

It's been awhile since I really wrote for the sailor moon fandom so i am bit rusty and I had to go and grab the original fic for references.

Anyway, here are some key points for this chapter

:star: I grew up with the English dub so I love their names, so this is written with the English dub names, and because I enjoyed the series anyway in English.

:star: I decided to use a purified form of Princess Sailor Moon as an upgrade after Eternal thanks for all your votes on the poll.

:star: Anyway I am introducing another new senshi since I haven't used her yet and she was shafted the chance because I had stopped working on her.

:star: Sorry for the ending being so short, I ended up running out of ideas like last time.

:star: Also the villain that appears in the story is from PGSM. I just thought I could give her more of a role if I work with her more.

:star: The names of the children of the Darkhart family is that of former villians who had civilian names and others whose names that I just used the different translation of.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
My Otaku Senshi Sailor Sun (c) =AiharaYukii
Moon Mamas (c) =Sailor-Serenity
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